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Enrichment Classes

ICIA has partnered with South Coast Cultural Center Association to give our Kinder through 3rd-grade students time to explore their passions and talents through our free enrichment classes.

Whether your child has always wanted to sing in a choir, dance gracefully, learn musical instruments, engage in martial arts, unleash their creativity through art, or try their hand at calligraphy, SCCCA will have various FREE classes to choose from throughout the year.

Our 6-week sessions offer a diverse range of cultural classes designed specifically for young learners. Your child will have the chance to discover the joy of self-expression, learn new skills, and make new friendships with their peers. These 1-hour classes will also be taught in Chinese. 

At the end or even half-way through the sessions, there will be a performance showcasing what your student has learned.  We may even partner with the city of Irvine to perform at the Mid-Autumn Festival at the Great Park. 

Students in traditional clothing