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Principal's Message

Benson Kwok

Executive Director / Principal

University of Southern California - Ed.D. Educational Leadership

Azusa Pacific University - Master of Arts in Educational Leadership Emphasis: Technology and Learning

Azusa Pacific University - Master of Arts Teaching


Welcome, Friends and Families!

At Irvine Chinese Immersion Academy, we understand the importance of a rigorous academic foundation and the ability to effectively communicate and comprehend in both English and Mandarin. Our dedicated team of educators fosters an engaging learning atmosphere that stimulates intellectual curiosity and cultivates a deep appreciation for linguistic and cultural diversity.

Our program is designed to immerse students in an enriching educational experience, where they acquire not only language proficiency but also the cognitive and critical thinking skills needed for success in an ever-evolving world. We believe that by nurturing the social and emotional development of our students alongside their academic growth, we provide a holistic approach to education that prepares them for a lifetime of achievement.

By embracing the principles of bi-literacy, academic excellence, and multicultural competence, we empower our students to become confident communicators, creative problem-solvers, and culturally aware individuals. Our curriculum is carefully designed to incorporate both language acquisition and subject mastery, fostering a seamless integration of skills and knowledge across disciplines.

We take pride in our collaborative community of educators, parents, and students who actively contribute to the vibrant and inclusive environment at Irvine Chinese Immersion Academy. Through strong partnerships, we encourage parental involvement and engagement, recognizing that a united effort between home and school is essential for the optimal development and success of our students.

Welcome to Irvine Chinese Immersion Academy, where we strive to provide a foundation for lifelong learning and equip students with the tools they need to thrive in an interconnected world. Together, let us prepare the next generation to be capable, compassionate, and globally minded leaders.

Benson Kwok, Ed.D. 

Irvine Chinese Immersion Academy is committed to delivering an exceptional English and Mandarin dual immersion program within a dynamic educational environment. Our mission is to challenge students to unlock their social, emotional, and academic potential, empowering them to attain remarkable levels of bi-literacy proficiency, academic excellence, and multicultural competence. By nurturing these skills, we will prepare our students to become productive global citizens in an interconnected society.