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  • Immersion Program As a form of dual language education, school-based immersion programs are intensive, subject-matter-driven language programs that aim for academic achievement, bilingual/biliterate development, and increased cultural proficiency. Note: an immersion program is not a foreign language program.
  • Dual language In which the language goals are full bilingualism and biliteracy in English and a partner language. Students study language arts and other academic content (math, science, social studies and art) in both languages over the course of the program and the partner language is used for at least 50% of the instruction at all grades.

Through our commitment to bi-literacy, academic excellence, and multicultural competence, we nurture our students in Mandarin immersion instruction, enabling them to emerge as self-assured communicators, adept problem-solvers, and culturally sensitive individuals. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend language acquisition with subject proficiency, facilitating the holistic development of skills and knowledge across various academic domains.